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August 02

Subway Safety For Rockabillies

Tokyo Metro’s subway safety posters always crack me up, because they all seem to be earnestly designed by Captain Obvious, but this one actually made me laugh with it, not at it. I mean DUH you’d have to be an idiot to know you shouldn’t prance along the scary side of the yellow line while drunk or shove unsuspecting fellow commuters into the […]

July 16

The Cute Little Toilet

I never expected to be ambushed by cuteness at a highway rest stop bathroom, but check out this tiny toilet for tots!(≧∇≦) • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

May 11

Suddenly, Godzilla!

Warning: when you’re in Japan, be careful never to say, “Just bite me!” because THIS might happen. If you walk out of the Tokyo Midtown exit of Roppongi Station right now, you too can be snarfed up by everyone’s favorite radioactive mutant. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

May 08

What Japanese People Talk About At The Aquarium

So, today as I wandered around the Sunshine City Aquarium, I couldn’t help but overhear a few conversations between my fellow fish enthusiasts. • Jonelle Patrick writes novels set in Tokyo

February 26

Even The Bar Codes Are Kawaii In Japan

Ahahahaha, Heintz Japan for the win! (Hey, so I ran out of stuff to read at dinner (><) SHUT UP!) • Read a novel set in Tokyo  

August 05

Meet The John & Jane Doe Of Japan

So, you know how Everycountry has an Everyman and Everywoman? Well, in Japan, its…   • Read a novel set in Tokyo

June 21

My Next Car

…is definitely going to be a Shoe Car. I hope they come in pink. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…