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December 29

Thanks For Destroying My Fantasies, Little Host Stickers

Okay, when I spotted this page of stickers at Tokyu Hands featuring smokin’ hot hostboys, I thought they were kinda fun. Even considered buying a bunch of them to give to my favorite hostboy fangirls. And then I looked a little…closer. Sheesh, leave me some illusions, will ya? • Jonelle Patrick is the author of Fallen Angel. […]

February 22

Don’t Miss Your Big Chance To Experience A Host Club Without Traveling To Japan!

I’ve never been so sorry to be geographically challenged! If you’re going to Anime North (May 22-24) or are lucky enough to live in Toronto, GET THEE TO CAFÉ NOCTURNE ON THE DOUBLE! Experiencing a host club usually requires an expensive ticket to Tokyo and all kinds of special arrangements – not the least of which includes studying […]

August 24

Inside Tokyo’s Wildest Host Clubs

Turn down the lights, hire a bunch of cute hosts, and keep the drinks coming, and it shouldn’t matter what your club looks like, right? Actually, no. Designing host clubs is a lot like designing casinos and supermarkets – if you want to inspire women to spend money like water, you better make sure you have a bunch of these: […]

January 23

The Annual Host Convention!

Picture this. It’s a quiet Monday night in January. Usually the hosts who work in the Zero Group’s bars would be giving their hair a much-needed rest, kicking back to annihilate some video game zombies, and ordering take-out. But tonight is different from all other Monday nights. Tonight is The Annual Meeting! In any business, […]

September 30

Welcome To The Demimonde

  Host clubs, hostess bar life, and love hotels! I put this slideshow together last week for a book club that chose Fallen Angel as their September read, but I thought you might enjoy it too. Fallen Angel is the second book in the Only In Tokyo mystery series, featuring Tokyo Metropolitan Police Detective Kenji […]

September 29

Taking Blingmobile To A Whole New Level

Tooling around in a boring old red Ferrari would be like driving an old Hyundai compared to pulling up to the curb in this Swarovski-paved Mercedes! Feast your eyes on the marvel of sparkle-mania that is the DAD Store poster car. The rhinestone-encrusted DAD accessories look positively tasteful in comparison. Naturally, if you’re swanning around […]

August 15

How Did You Ever Survive Without A Luxury Potato Holder?

How are you going to stash those fries so they don’t get grease all over the fake fur seat covers in your rolling blingmobile? Shibuya 109 DAD store to the rescue! Tart up your car with a single french fry caddy, or go whole hog with the DAD Front Table, to take all your vices […]