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August 30

Let’s Go To The Crowdfunded Host Club!

Okay, is this a book lover’s ultimate fantasy, or what? A romantic read, dished up by a handsome young man with a talent for whispering sweet nothings in your ear while plying you with champagne? The “Kabukicho Book Center” – a brand new crowdfunding idea by the venerable Smappa! host club group – promises to […]

June 22

The Host Club Vending Machine

When I first saw this gachapon machine filled with little plastic champagne towers, I thought WAT? Who needs a set of miniature, light-up, host club furniture? I mean, even though it’s pretty happenin’ how they change color and all… …I wasn’t instantly throwing all my money at the coin changer. Until… This series may be […]

December 29

Thanks For Destroying My Fantasies, Little Host Stickers

Okay, when I spotted this page of stickers at Tokyu Hands featuring smokin’ hot hostboys, I thought they were kinda fun. Even considered buying a bunch of them to give to my favorite hostboy fangirls. And then I looked a little…closer. Sheesh, leave me some illusions, will ya? • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

February 22

Don’t Miss Your Big Chance To Experience A Host Club Without Traveling To Japan!

I’ve never been so sorry to be geographically challenged! If you’re going to Anime North (May 22-24) or are lucky enough to live in Toronto, GET THEE TO CAFÉ NOCTURNE ON THE DOUBLE! Experiencing a host club usually requires an expensive ticket to Tokyo and all kinds of special arrangements – not the least of which includes studying […]

August 24

Inside Tokyo’s Wildest Host Clubs

Turn down the lights, hire a bunch of cute hosts, and keep the drinks coming, and it shouldn’t matter what your club looks like, right? Actually, no. Designing host clubs is a lot like designing casinos and supermarkets – if you want to inspire women to spend money like water, you better make sure you have a bunch of these: […]

January 23

The Annual Host Convention!

Picture this. It’s a quiet Monday night in January. Usually the hosts who work in the Zero Group’s bars would be giving their hair a much-needed rest, kicking back to annihilate some video game zombies, and ordering take-out. But tonight is different from all other Monday nights. Tonight is The Annual Meeting! In any business, […]

September 30

Welcome To The Demimonde

  Host clubs, hostess bar life, and love hotels! I put this slideshow together last week for a book club that chose Fallen Angel as their September read, but I thought you might enjoy it too. Fallen Angel is the second book in the Only In Tokyo mystery series, featuring Tokyo Metropolitan Police Detective Kenji […]