How Do I Find A Good Host Club?


It’s a well-kept secret that there’s a website with listings for host clubs in cities all over Japan. It’s called HostXHost. Naturally, it’s in Japanese…but fear not! I can show you how to navigate the highways and byways to get a feel for the hosts and their clubs!

Here’s what the home screen looks like.


Find the button that certifies you’re a legal adult (in Japan, that’s anyone over twenty) and click. Scroll down the next page until you see the “Area Gate” pictures.


Click on the city where you want to find a club. Tokyo actually has two buttons – one for Kabuki-chō, the area east of Shinjuku Station that’s the host club capital of Japan (190 clubs), and one for the rest of the city (66 clubs spread out over Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Roppongi, etc.)

Once you’ve chosen your search area, a page will come up with various ways to find the host or host club of your dreams. If you scroll down, you’ll first encounter the Ranking pictures.


In the city you chose, among all the hosts working there, these dudes are the top five. They change every week, after the previous week’s earnings are tallied up.

Scrolling down further, you’ll come across section for new clubs that have just opened, upcoming host club events in the area, host videos, and finally, the Host Club List. Look them over, pick one for starters and click on it.


It will take you to that club’s home page. They all have a standard format.

In the column to the right you’ll find basic information about the club. Shop Information lists the phone number, address, and other info you’ll need to contact the club to make a reservation and get there. Shop News lists which days the club will be closed that month.

Below the main banner photo with the club’s name are pictures of all the hosts who work at the club. The current top five are in the top row, listed in order.


Below are the rest of the staff, also ranked in order of popularity, as determined by the almighty tally of drink sales in the past week.


Now click on any of the photos, and that host’s page comes up to give you a lot more information about him. Not just his name and a few more pictures, but also his contact information (mobile phone number, email, LINE ID) and any personal information he wants to share. For example, let’s pick Yuzuki-san:


Name: Yuzuki

Birthday: September 6,1991 (21 years old)

Height: 183cm

Blood type: AB

Astrology sign: Virgo

Looks: 5 stars

Sense of humor: 5 stars

Drinking ability: 5 stars

Q: What did you do before you were a host?     A. Hair stylist

Q: Where are you from?     A. Yamagata prefecture

Q: What are you into right now?     A. Being a host

Q: What’s something you’re good at?     A. Making people laugh at my jokes.

Q. Are you S? M?     A. L

Q. What type of women do you like?     A. I like girls who are real, not artificial.

Q. What most attracts you to a woman?     A. Legs

Q. What do you give yourself as a reward?     A. A drink

Q. What kind of a host do you want to be?     A. I want to be a kind and gentle host.


Ooo, I’m in love! Let’s go meet him! But first we should take a look at his club’s introductory first-time special rate. Click on the next tab to get to the “System” page.


Hours: 7:00 p.m. – midnight

Open every day except: Monday, national holidays

First time special price: 2 hours/¥3,000 (includes a choice of saké, shōchū, or brandy);

If you come with a regular club customer who already has a primary entertainer, the price is ¥5,000 for “free time” (as long as you want to stay) with the same choice of drinks. Special events nights are excluded from these first-time offers.

Regular club entry fee: ¥7,000 for “free time” (no time limit)

Table charge: ¥4,000

Request a particular host: ¥2,000/¥3,000

Tax: 35%

Sales tax: 5%


You might be wondering how one drink is supposed to last you two hours. Seems kind of un-festive, doesn’t it? But actually, it’s not one drink, it’s a small bottle. Every host who visits your table will refresh your drink and pour himself one from it. If you run out, you can ask the host you’re with about ordering another one. Naturally, you’ll have to pay more if you drink more than what’s included in the “set” price. It’s okay to discreetly ask your host the price before ordering, so you don’t get in over your head.

You also might be wondering why there’s an entry fee plus a table charge. Do some customers stand up all night in order to avoid paying ¥4,000 just to sit down? In fact, this pricing is a nice feature for women who come in groups. Everybody has to pay her own entry fee, but they can split the cost of a table.


Now that you’ve got the hang of checking out the talent and the prices for visiting a club, let’s see what else there is to entertain us on HostXHost. The tab next to the System tab (the one labeled イベント) will take you to a page listing upcoming club events (host birthdays, anniversaries, seasonal parties). Next to the Event tab is one called “Topics.” If you click on that one, it takes you to a page with a selection of write-ups about recent club outings and parties.


They’re all written in Japanese, of course,  but the pictures are often quite entertaining. They’ll give you an idea about the personalities of some of the hosts and atmosphere at the club.

Next is a tab called “Gravure.” It’ll take you to photos of the club’s hosts doing professional modeling for mens’ magazines and fashion brands.


The next tab takes you to videos of individual hosts and/or club events.


Now that you know your way around, happy hunting! (^_-)

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2 thoughts on “How Do I Find A Good Host Club?

  1. It’s probably good to note that you typically can’t enter a club on an event night for 初回 although you can if your friend is a member and you go as 枝.

    Also the same can be said for 締日 for a lot of clubs– but not all of them! My 担当 is from a small club so sometimes they have 初回 people come even on 締日

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