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wineglassj January 11

25 Obscure & Amazing Things To Do In Tokyo In 2017

-1- Make a wish that you could draw as well as the other visitors at the anime & manga shrine Where: Kanda Myoujin Shrine (Kanda) • -2- Get your warts disappeared by the Wart-Curing Jizo Where: Nishi-arai Daishi Temple (Daishi-mae) • -3- Go check out what the best dressed nude statue in Tokyo is wearing this month Where: […]

hoststickersfeat December 29

Thanks For Destroying My Fantasies, Little Host Stickers

Okay, when I spotted this page of stickers at Tokyu Hands featuring smokin’ hot hostboys, I thought they were kinda fun. Even considered buying a bunch of them to give to my favorite hostboy fangirls. And then I looked a little…closer. Sheesh, leave me some illusions, will ya? • Jonelle Patrick is the author of Fallen Angel. […]

The Drunken Pet vending machine December 22

The Drunken Pet Vending Machine

So, today I came home and found THIS. I don’t know what kind of shenanigans YOUR gacha-gacha toys get up to when they’re alone in the house, but…   • Jonelle Patrick is the author of a mystery series set in Tokyo.  The newest one was just released, and you don’t have to have read the others to enjoy it! […]

mitsuminefeat December 17

The Werewolf Shrine

  High on top of a snowy mountain in Chichibu – so far from any train station that you’ll be eligible for a senior citizen discount by the time you get off the bus – is the Mitsumine Jinja. At first it looks like a typical Shinto shrine with fox messengers at the gate… …but a […]

Because who could fail to be baffled and delighted with THIS? (Available at the souvenir shops on the street parallel to Nakamise-dori, in Asakusa) December 09

Top Ten Crazy Holiday Gifts From Japan 2016

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when you comb your list of friends & family for those who truly deserve that rare and awe-inspiring gift from Japan… 10. If there’s nobody on your list who needs a MANEATING VAMPIRE PURSE, you need to make new friends.   9. CUTEST WASHCLOTHS OF ALL TIME! Who could fail to smile after ripping the […]

booksdioramapdfeat December 04

Sneakly McPeekly!

• So, if you’re even slightly interested in escapist fiction set in Japan… • …I’ve got a new book coming out on Monday (December 5th)! Here’s the one-minute book trailer… • …and just for you, my blogtastic friend, a pre-publication look at the first few chapters • • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4 A pillow of white capped her gravestone, […]

soxfeat November 30

Samurai Sox

Who WOULDN’T want these ultra-swaggy samurai sox or kimono cuties in their holiday loot pile? • Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mysteries. The fourth book – Painted Doll – was just released! …or watch the trailer (1:05)