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higanbanafeat September 22

The Magical Red Forest

If it happens to be raining when you are invited to walk through a magical forest carpeted with five million blooming amaryllis, do not say no. Because this.   If you’re in Tokyo at the end of September and would like to see the higanbana in bloom, get thee on the train to Koma Station (it takes […]

Squid. I always thought this was the animal I'd least like to ever find in my bed. Until I saw... September 18

Uncuddly Stuffies

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that my sympathy runs deep for the poor toy designers who have to churn out new adorable stuffies when all the animals, vegetables, and foods that are even remotely cute have already been taken. I always gave them points for at least trying to make the wallflowers of the toy […]

No one will dare question your commitment to the mission when you appear at the corporate ballgame outing in this samurai baseball cap September 17

Essential Gear For The Corporate Warrior

Saw the red camo shoes at a shoe store in Skytree, and the samurai b-ball hats at Tokyu Hands in Ikebukuro • Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, now out for the first time in paperback. The fourth book will be out December 5th, which means… You can get started on the first one […]

artaquarium2 September 12

Goldfish, Goldfish, Everywhere

Although by now we’re all sort of feeling like “don’t let the door hit you on the way out, you miserably hot & humid Japanese summer,” some of the various celebrations of goldfish are lingering on in a most delightful way until the end of September. Here they are! ART AQUARIUM This year’s exhibit was a bit less […]

icefrietfeat September 10

Twice The Guilt & Half The Pleasure

Okay,I totally get that some days it’s hard to choose between a bucket of french fries and a bathtub of ice cream. I even understand that some days you just say FML, I’m having BOTH. But this? No. Just…no. • Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, now out for the first time […]

I know you want a closer look at Potatosaurus Rex. This extinct denizen of the Junk Food Era was made by September 08

Potatosaurus Rex

A few days ago I was climbing the escalators in the hated Skytree* in search of the Sumidagawa Aquarium, and was stopped in my tracks by this. An exhibition of fake food art! Best. Idea. Ever. All the art in this exhibit was made by the veteran food model experts at the Iwasaki Bei company. Apparently, they have a contest each year, […]

vealpenclassfeat September 07

How To Be In Tokyo Without That Pesky Plane Flight

What I’m really hoping is that you’re a serial book binger like me, and you’ll fly your favorite comfy armchair to Tokyo with me instead! I can finally tell you that I’ve got a new book coming out, and… You don’t even have to choose between being in Japan and disturbing the cat sleeping on your lap, because here’s the plug & play […]