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Because who could fail to be baffled and delighted with THIS? (Available at the souvenir shops on the street parallel to Nakamise-dori, in Asakusa) December 09

Top Ten Crazy Holiday Gifts From Japan 2016

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when you comb your list of friends & family for those who truly deserve that rare and awe-inspiring gift from Japan… 10. If there’s nobody on your list who needs a MANEATING VAMPIRE PURSE, you need to make new friends.   9. CUTEST WASHCLOTHS OF ALL TIME! Who could fail to smile after ripping the […]

booksdioramapdfeat December 04

Sneakly McPeekly!

• So, if you’re even slightly interested in escapist fiction set in Japan… • …I’ve got a new book coming out on Monday (December 5th)! Here’s the one-minute book trailer… • …and just for you, my blogtastic friend, a pre-publication look at the first few chapters • • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4 A pillow of white capped her gravestone, […]

soxfeat November 30

Samurai Sox

Who WOULDN’T want these ultra-swaggy samurai sox or kimono cuties in their holiday loot pile? • Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mysteries. The fourth book – Painted Doll – was just released! …or watch the trailer (1:05) 

I guess all those baby foxlets grew up, because it seemed like there were a lot more foxes this time November 25

Fox Village Videos!

Here’s what it’s like to visit Fox Village in the snow, when the foxes are at their fattest & fluffiest! I have to confess, when it comes to which animals would get to sit in business class in my ark, it’s all about the tails. Foxes, of course, have the most magnificent fruffy tails in all of the animal […]

Even under your baggiest gym t-shirt, this one says, "I'll give up the pec deck when I'm good and ready, buddy" November 12

Scary Underwear Of Japan

Even under your baggiest gym shirts, these say, “I’ll give up the pec deck when I’m good and ready, buddy.”   • Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mysteries, now out for the first time in paperback. Nightshade is the first in the series… …or watch the book trailer! (0:52)

And speaking of butts...NO. Just, no. October 30

What NOT To Wear For Halloween

As you can imagine, in the land where Sexy Santa and Sexy Skunk are a Thing (why, Japan, why?), Halloween is the premiere season for Costume Don’ts. • Jonelle Patrick is the author of a mystery series set in Tokyo. The fourth book – Painted Doll – just came out on December 5th! Check it out here… …or watch the trailer (1:05) 

catparadefeat October 17

At The Crazy Cat Parade

I have to admit, I was powerless to resist going to a thing where hundreds of people dressed more or less as cats pranced down the street, some of them raucously performing musical numbers in which “nyan nyan nyan” replaced all the lyrics. The Bake Neko Parade gives everyone and their granny an excuse to dress up every October near Kagurazaka […]