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February 25

Things I Never Envisioned Myself Owning

Yes, it’s exactly what it looks like. A fuzzy green polka-dot toilet seat cover. Because Japan delivers a whole new level of hurt to the concept of freezing your butt off: the fact that I actually went out and bought this is a testament to the truth that no toilet seat is as cold as […]

May 11

A Leopard For Your Butt

I’ve seen fruit for your patootie and warriors for your derriere, but this is the first time I’ve encountered top-of-the-food-chain predators for your butt. Am trying hard not to imagine the Japanese bathroom where this would fit right in… • Read a novel set in Tokyo

July 16

The Cute Little Toilet

I never expected to be ambushed by cuteness at a highway rest stop bathroom, but check out this tiny toilet for tots!(≧∇≦) • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

November 07

Porta-Bidet To The Rescue!

Penetrate even the most robo-toilet deficient corners of the globe with confidence, now that you can travel with your magic bottom-washing wand! Just crank it onto a pet bottle full of water (or fill the slightly cumbersome plastic reservoir with local H2O), aim that bad boy, and fire. It’s not the smallest travel item ever invented, but […]

May 23

Personal Porta-Potty

For the Japanese travel fear that dare not speak its name, behold the PuruPuru Mini Toilet bag! A quick flip to the back side convinces the already-anxious traveler (especially the one headed to barbaric foreign lands) that this product might not just be desirable, but urgently needed. Not only does it answer when nature calls, […]

January 28

Toilet Butler

Madame, your toilet is served! When you’ve finally made it to the head of the line in the ladies room at Maihama Station, this nifty light-up board discreetly tells you which stall to run to, the very instant it’s free. Not only that, easy-to-understand diagrams inform you which style is available: Japanese or Western. • […]

July 12


Suddenly, you find yourself in a primitive public bathroom not equipped with a Sound Princess! What are you going to do to cover up unseemly noises, without wasting gallons and gallons of water?  Eco-oto to the rescue! Now you can make loud flushing sounds anytime, anywhere, from your very own mobile phone! The first time […]