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April 13

Subway Manners…For Ghosts

I’m afraid this subway manners poster isn’t going to do much to convince Things That Go Bump In The Night to stop harassing passengers – in fact, it’ll probably infuriate them to learn that they are merely as annoying as a wet umbrella or an overstuffed backpack, thus triggering a supernatural reign of terror. Don’t […]

April 06

Subway Manners…For Aliens

Because seriously, unless you were raised by Mechagodzilla, how could you not know that headbutting a station employee, grabbing him by his necktie and drunk-pitching your beer in his face are not exactly recommended by Miss Manners? (And if you were raised by aliens, expect a lump of coal in your next Xmas stocking if a wimpy poster convinces you to abandon […]

August 02

Subway Safety For Rockabillies

Tokyo Metro’s subway safety posters always crack me up, because they all seem to be earnestly designed by Captain Obvious, but this one actually made me laugh with it, not at it. I mean DUH you’d have to be an idiot to know you shouldn’t prance along the scary side of the yellow line while drunk or shove unsuspecting fellow commuters into the […]

June 17

Damn. Just When I Thought I Had It All Figured Out…

• Although often confused, Jonelle Patrick writes novels set in Tokyo “A genuinely gripping crime thriller which wrong-foots and perplexes the reader throughout, drawing us in emotionally . . . Highly recommended.” –Raven Crime Reads

May 21

Beware Of Ghost Owls!

I saw this sign, and was quite nervous that Arisugawa Park was suffering from a dangerous infestation of owl ghouls, just waiting to swoop down on unsuspecting walkers’ heads waving their ghostly yuurei hands. While this might be preferable to Inokashira Park’s haunted toilet, I was relieved to discover that this rather cryptic graphic actually warns of falling branches. The painting […]

July 14

Rain, With A Chance Of Laundry

Weather reports in Japan are far more useful than weather reports where I come from: they tell you whether you ought to do laundry or not. Because few people have clothes dryers at home, whether you hang your laundry out to dry on the balcony before you go to school or work is a serious […]

June 27

Pooping On Laundry Prohibited!

Okay, this sign actually reads “Don’t Give Food To The Pigeons!” but it goes on to give a rather elaborate rationale for withholding bread crumbs from the little beggars. It seems that not only will feeding them provoke an unnatural population explosion, the poop from all those extra pigeons will be a scourge on local […]