Pooping On Laundry Prohibited!


Okay, this sign actually reads “Don’t Give Food To The Pigeons!” but it goes on to give a rather elaborate rationale for withholding bread crumbs from the little beggars. It seems that not only will feeding them provoke an unnatural population explosion, the poop from all those extra pigeons will be a scourge on local residents’ laundry.

I had to laugh, because in Japan, this approach will totally work. It’s bad enough that all too often, you look out the classroom window, see rain streaking the glass, and curse the fact that you bet on the 70% chance it wouldn’t rain. All the socks and underwear you own are hanging out on your balcony, and they’re all now soaking wet. Imagining coming home to find them covered in pigeon poop on the days it doesn’t rain should be enough to give pause to all but the most rabid bird lover.

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