Today’s Beauty Quiz: Are You Young Enough To Have Gray Hair?

Elephant Gray. In case you want to look big, as well as gray.

These days in Tokyo, the only people with black hair are those whose hair is actually gray, and the only people with gray hair are those whose hair is naturally black. To determine which group you should be in, take this handy quiz.

Agree, or disagree?

1: “Sunscreen, who needs it? I mean, who cares if you look old and haggard when you’re thirty?”

2: “Nobody I want to talk to has ever called me on a phone that’s hardwired to the wall.”

3: “What? This thing I’m supposed to check isn’t on Wikipedia. It must not exist.”

If you agreed with all the above statements, congratulations! You’re qualified. Get yourself to Shibuya Loft to buy some quality dye, then follow the step by step directions from Kera magazine below to achieve the ultimate in If You’re Young And Beautiful You Can Do Anything looks.

Visual kei style silver do.

Can’t decide between blonde and gray? Go gray with blonde roots!

If you’d like to visit a Loft store the next time you’re in Tokyo, a map is on my website, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had.

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