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June 17

Damn. Just When I Thought I Had It All Figured Out…

• Read a novel set in Tokyo…  

March 31

Oh No. Do I Really Want To Want To Smell Like A…?

…when you see it…  ( ゚д゚)! • Read a novel set in Tokyo…  

January 24

On Second Thought, Maybe Not

Hmm, don’t you think the thought of having a permanent, red, itchy condition around one’s eyes rather puts one off the idea of having longer, sexier lashes? O_O • Read a novel set in Tokyo…  

November 17

Holy Mother Of…?!

I’ll see your Our Lady Of Rude Kustoms and raise you a scorpion tattoo! This shining example of Extreme Decorative Engrish goes on to inexplicably include God and France in an unholy existential alliance: “The God and France think whether exist this world It might exist if the God and France exist Really we think […]

September 16

You Go, Gurl!

“Active man has inside herself to be confident, fulfilled, happy and healthy. Active man power! The power to speak your mind, to stand up for yourself!” This sandalwood X bergamot body mist promises to deliver all the spray-on confidence and assertiveness a he/she could want! Just sayin’. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

May 13

Engrish Menu Item Of The Day

Yes, even I had to stop and puzzle over this one for a minute before figuring out the chop sui lunch at this Nishi Azabu Chinese joint was flavored with soy sauce! At least someone caught the “rice” typo, or I’d have been really confused… • Read a novel set in Tokyo

December 08

Heaven Under Ground

Award-winning deployment of Engrish! Even tophatted skulls & crossbones need love, I guess, although the rolling dice to either side rather suggest that he didn’t end up in the place with the harp-wielding angels. Am I wrong that he seems to be inviting hapless huggers to join him in a place he euphemistically calls Heaven Under […]