Thanks For Destroying My Fantasies, Little Host Stickers

Okay, when I spotted this page of stickers at Tokyu Hands featuring smokin’ hot hostboys, I thought they were kinda fun. Even considered buying a bunch of them to give to my favorite hostboy fangirls. And then I looked a little…closer. Sheesh, leave me some illusions, will ya? •

Holy Mother Of…?!

I’ll see your Our Lady Of Rude Kustoms and raise you a scorpion tattoo! This shining example of Extreme Decorative Engrish goes on to inexplicably include God and France in an unholy existential alliance: “The God and France think whether exist this worldIt might exist if the God and France existReally we think that theContinue reading “Holy Mother Of…?!”

Our Lady Of Gangsta

If you’re planning to shake down a few grannies or threaten some loan-shirkers with a Louisville Slugger, don’t leave the house without donning your Blood Money brand track suit! Fashioned from pure 100% shiny synthetic fibers printed with righteous gold vinyl designs, you can’t fail to command respect in these chest-baring togs. Zippers and elasticContinue reading “Our Lady Of Gangsta”

Our Lady Of Dudeitude

Our Lady seems to have been on a rather severe diet since we last encountered her on the back of a stylin’ blade’s jacket, but she’s still doing her best to confer righteous coolness on all comers. The question is, what exactly is a Lucid Dude, and why would anyone want to be publicly identifiedContinue reading “Our Lady Of Dudeitude”

Back To The Future, With Engrish Subs

Please forgive the out-of-focus-because-walking-while-trying-not-to-get-big-pink-finger-in-front-of-lens phone shot, but this t-shirt was too awesome to pass up! Delorean We came from Santa Ana Orange County Carifornia We will supply fine quality Clothing for All of Board Riders Hope springs eternal! Forget the iPhone 5 – you know the product announcement we’re all REALLY waiting for is MartyContinue reading “Back To The Future, With Engrish Subs”

Our Lady Of Rude Kustoms

I love articles of clothing that are the Japanese equivalent of Western kanji tattoos that supposedly mean “Strong Warrior” but actually say “Wednesday.” Here, a slightly mannish Our Lady has been pressed into service to perform the miracle of deciphering, “First to live young to die no risk no life,” as well as relocating theContinue reading “Our Lady Of Rude Kustoms”