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December 29

Thanks For Destroying My Fantasies, Little Host Stickers

Okay, when I spotted this page of stickers at Tokyu Hands featuring smokin’ hot hostboys, I thought they were kinda fun. Even considered buying a bunch of them to give to my favorite hostboy fangirls. And then I looked a little…closer. Sheesh, leave me some illusions, will ya? • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

June 13

Love, Peace, Death &…

Nicotine! Neither skulls nor snakes nor screaming eagles will deter the proud owner of this Black Flame jacket from consuming his daily pack of smokes. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

May 30

Wondering Where One Might Wear A Garment Like This…

…but failing. I spotted this, er, striking piece of clothing at the Men’s 109 in Shibuya, at the Wild Party boutique. Maybe Japanese people would be just as surprised if they saw a t-shirt in America emblazoned with that famous painting of The Death Of Buddha, but… • Read a novel set in Tokyo

November 17

Holy Mother Of…?!

I’ll see your Our Lady Of Rude Kustoms and raise you a scorpion tattoo! This shining example of Extreme Decorative Engrish goes on to inexplicably include God and France in an unholy existential alliance: “The God and France think whether exist this world It might exist if the God and France exist Really we think […]

November 11

It’s Never Too Early To Begin The Training, Part Deux

It’s never too early for girls to learn what a barrel of fun it is to do the laundry and ironing. Suggested for ages two and up. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

October 24

Our Lady Of Gangsta

If you’re planning to shake down a few grannies or threaten some loan-shirkers with a Louisville Slugger, don’t leave the house without donning your Blood Money brand track suit! Fashioned from pure 100% shiny synthetic fibers printed with righteous gold vinyl designs, you can’t fail to command respect in these chest-baring togs. Zippers and elastic […]

August 15

How Did You Ever Survive Without A Luxury Potato Holder?

How are you going to stash those fries so they don’t get grease all over the fake fur seat covers in your rolling blingmobile? Shibuya 109 DAD store to the rescue! Tart up your car with a single french fry caddy, or go whole hog with the DAD Front Table, to take all your vices […]