Back To The Future, With Engrish Subs

Please forgive the out-of-focus-because-walking-while-trying-not-to-get-big-pink-finger-in-front-of-lens phone shot, but this t-shirt was too awesome to pass up!


We came from Santa Ana Orange County Carifornia

We will supply fine quality Clothing for All of Board Riders

Hope springs eternal! Forget the iPhone 5 – you know the product announcement we’re all REALLY waiting for is Marty McFly’s floating skateboard. And if it comes in retro brushed stainless with a time machine option, you’ll have to knock me out with a vintage brick of a cellphone to get my place in line!

As an added bonus, his friend is wearing a classic Engrish number which reads, “1969 ROUND TRIP Longlife Slang Nortrias Lord Have Mercy Still Of The Night.” I’ll take a dozen, one in every color.

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