The Jellyfish & Shark Bar

Now you don’t have to trek to the aquarium in Ikebukuro to see your favorite wiggly and bite-y creatures of the deep – right next to Ebisu station is Medusa, where you can sip the beverage of your choice while being mesmerized by the glow!

Additional entertainment may be had by perusing the Standard Liqueurs page of the menu, on which ho-hum Grand Marnier, Bailey’s and Amaretto are followed by the exotic beverage “Fried Egg (Adovocaat)” Saaay what?

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3 thoughts on “The Jellyfish & Shark Bar

    1. You must be working way too hard during the day! ^^;; The great thing about this place is, if you live anywhere convenient to the Yamanote or the Hibiya sen, it’s a one minute walk from Medusa to the train home…

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