Subway Safety For Rockabillies


Tokyo Metro’s subway safety posters always crack me up, because they all seem to be earnestly designed by Captain Obvious, but this one actually made me laugh with it, not at it.

I mean DUH you’d have to be an idiot to know you shouldn’t prance along the scary side of the yellow line while drunk or shove unsuspecting fellow commuters into the path of an oncoming train with your luggage, but ending up in the danger zone due to being whapped by a righteous rockabilly pompadour? YES PLEASE.

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10 thoughts on “Subway Safety For Rockabillies

  1. No option but to giggle..
    Seriously though, riding the subway gets scarier by the minute, now I have to look out for outlandish hairstyles as well?
    I’ll add it to the list.

  2. I’d much rather be knocked off the platform by a pompadour than some stupid drunken salaryman. I’m much more concerned about why the little girl has such a big teddy bear, and what that’s got to do with subway safety.

    1. Yeah, that one’s a puzzler. Especially since I almost never see Nihonjin on the subway with any kind of packages, due to takyubin, the best invention known to man. (Although I HAVE spent precious hours of my life wondering what the threshold of smallness is for Japanese use of delivery services – I mean, they shop a TON, so why do I never see them on the subway with more than one shopping bag per person…?)

  3. Um……. Nihonjin? Takyubin? (presuming this is some kind of delivery service?)
    The Japanese rockabillies do their thing on Sunday at Yoyogi park, is this correct? I’m feeling this is a ‘must see whilst there’.

    1. Yes, they are very fun to watch! There’s a map here of where to see them in Yoyogi Park:

      Nihonjin = Japanese people, and you guessed right on “takyubin” – it’s the messenger service you can use to send anything, anywhere in Japan (even across town)! It’s really really cheap and fast (like, ¥300 to have your shopping delivered across Tokyo) – the only drawbacks are that you have to be able to fill out the form in Japanese (or tell the store clerk in Japanese how to fill it out for you) and you have to be home during the window of time you choose for the delivery. It’s one of the things that makes it possible for people to easily get along without a car in Tokyo.

  4. Thanks for the map to view the Rockabillies (entire concept cracks me up) I will absolutely catch that one…
    Thanks for the explainations 🙂 Takyubin = Such a good idea to keep car use to a minimum in a gigantic city..
    Bit different from here where every member of the house has their own car and then usually a spare ute/4wd for carting big stuff around…
    Cheers.. ~~~

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