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December 23

Top Ten Crazy Holiday Gifts From Japan 2018

These days, everyone wants “experiences,” not “stuff,” so how about digging into your Santa sack for presents that deliver #youllneverguesswhatwedids that could only come from (where else?)…Japan! This year, give the gift of… 1 …making your own Panda Face sushi and finding out who’s the fastest panda-grabber in the land Level up by slipping in a […]

February 10

Pink Pepper Milk Coffee

In case a shot of caffeine isn’t quite enough to get you going in the morning… (If you’re braver than I am, you can find it this month at your nearest Precious Coffee Moments shop.) • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

January 05

How About A Nice Cup Of Civet Poop Coffee?

The kopi luwat civet poops coffee. Or, to be more precise, it climbs to the top of coffee trees, eats the ripest beans, digests the fruity bits around the seed and, er, leaves the rest for industrious pooper-scoopers to turn into the world’s weirdest brew. Of course, once I spied a weird old-fashioned coffee bar near Shinjuku station with […]

January 11

Popcorn Latte

I think I’d describe this as: all flavors of NO. • Although you still ought to read a novel set in Tokyo

May 20

Blue Cafe Latte

Coffee + Milk + BLUE CURACAO? With a LIME on top? I’m still gathering the courage to try the latest entry in this season’s unlikely flavor-combo coffee drinks of Tokyo – partly because I’m frightened of any food that’s BLUE, but also am deeply suspicious of anything I have to google to find out what flavor it is. […]

April 25

Green Brownie Sludge Frappucino

  You know when you were a kid, and you made the Nobel-prize-winning discovery that if you dumped chocolate syrup into your milk, it turned into chocolate milk? And then you tried it with other things – like peanut butter and jelly – that were not quite so successful? • Read a novel set in Tokyo…

March 06

Where To Get The Best Cup Of Coffee In The Whole World

Let me ask you this: how often can you get something that’s the best in the world for less than ten bucks? Because today – score! – I had the BEST COFFEE IN THE WORLD for ¥700. It was at a little timeslip of a coffee bar in Ginza called the Café Bechet. Naturally – […]