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September 01

Totoro Cream Puffs

I feel kind of sorry for the staff at the Tolo Bakery & Cafe, because how many times can you hear, “Kawaiiiii!” in one day without checking yourself into the loony bin? Seriously, even if you’re not at all the sort of person who squeals it all over everything from coffee foam to pit bull […]

March 20

Suica Penguins For Lunch!

Yes, I admit it: the reason I have a Suica train pass rather than a PASMO is that that Suica penguin mascot is SO SO SO CUTE. And guess what? I just discovered that we penguin-o-philes don’t have to be satisfied with the occasional squee! when we go through the train turnstile – now we can have Suica Penguins for […]

December 24

Princess Rice

Sometimes, no matter what time of year it is, I’m just in the mood for a plate of princessy rice! • Read a novel set in Tokyo

December 10

Pikachu Fishcakes!

Never thought I’d be using the words “squeee!” and “fishcake” in the same sentence, but…! • Read a novel set in Tokyo

December 05

Hot Springs Latte Art

It was a rainy autumn morning in the mountains of Gunma, but I didn’t care because I’d just spent a half hour soaking in punishingly hot mineral water at a Japanese inn and was sitting in front of an extra-strong coffee with the hot springs mark drawn in the foam! • Read a novel set in Tokyo  

May 04

Hello Kitty Weinerfaces

Just because weiners aren’t round and cuddly doesn’t mean they can’t have Hello Kitty Faces too. • Read a novel set in Tokyo

March 08

Death By Cuteness: Baby Penguin Rice Balls

A lunchbox filled with penguin rice balls would be dangerous enough, but BABY penguin rice balls definitely sends the message NO MERCY in the cafeteria lunchbox fight-to-the-death! Comes with easy stuff-it rice mold and a seaweed cutter, so you can leave your lunchboxing nail scissors in the drawer to fight another day. • Read a novel […]