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March 03

Finally, Girls’ Day For Goths!

Is your favorite lipstick color black? Do net quizzes always sort you into Slytherin? Would you rather eat deep fried cod testicles than be seen in a pink kimono? Then this set of Girls’ Day dolls is for you! Goto Dolls has done a major update on the whole thank you very much we’re just sitting here with our […]

October 31

Knick-Knacks Of The Damned

Be forewarned all ye who enter here: Strange Love is the spookiest store in the world. And I don’t mean cute-spooky, I mean spooky-spooky. The owner combs the flea markets, haunted estates and Transylvanian castle garage sales of America and Europe to bring together the weirdest, creepiest and most awesome collection of odd-gothic memorabilia I’ve ever seen. From […]

March 19

Scary Eyes Made Easy

If you don’t think it’s quite out there enough to have eyes that make you look like a living doll, say hello to this line of definitely unnatural contacts! How about a nice alien look, with Solid White? Or perhaps a touch of psychopath, with Spiral or Manson Red? I saw these for sale at […]

January 25

Make Your Own Goth Sushi

Okay, bento warriors, here’s your chance to show the lunchroom what you’re really made of! Step by step instructions for making skull-tastic sushi rolls from any old scraps of rice, omelet and seaweed you happen to have lying around the house! No need to painstakingly translate all that pesky Japanese – just make like a […]

October 20

Spooky Sushi

Bwahahaha, you’d better bite this sushi before it bites you! But if you think that’s the scariest food you might encounter this Halloween season, think again… Photos from http://ameblo.jp/kururinzushi. Jonelle Patrick is the author of the Only In Tokyo mystery series, published by Penguin/Intermix. • Read a novel set in Tokyo…  

June 16

Princess For A Day At The Foreign Butler Café!

If your life’s ambition is to be waited on hand and foot by a handsome foreign man in tie and tails, get thee to the Butlers Cafe on the double! Not only will you be presented with a tiara to wear for the occasion, ringing the antique bell will bring the servant of your dreams […]

May 04

How To Get Anime Eyes, Part II

Eyelid glue? Check! Colored circle contacts? Check! Long curled eyelashes? Oh no! Quick, get thee to the eyelash salon! Seems like there’s a shop on every corner promising Japanese women the long curled eyelashes of their dreams. Because Asian eyes have single fold lids, eyelashes tend to point straight down instead of out, and Japanese eyelashes […]