Finally, Girls’ Day For Goths!

Goth Hinasama for hina matsuri Girls' Day

Is your favorite lipstick color black? Do net quizzes always sort you into Slytherin? Would you rather eat deep fried cod testicles than be seen in a pink kimono? Then this set of Girls’ Day dolls is for you!

Goto Dolls has done a major update on the whole thank you very much we’re just sitting here with our platters of rice cakes and oxcarts scene. In addition to dressing the imperial pair as the Emperor and Empress of Emo, their throne room is furnished with fabulous bouquets that are actually rings, hair clips, earrings and necklaces for the honorable daughter to wear!

Pink hina-sama dolls for hina matsuri Girls' Day
Goto Dolls also makes doll sets with other themes, like this Cherry Blossom pair, and I gotta say, every one is gorgeous.

You can ogle the rest of their new type Hina Matsuri sets on their website, but here are a few more photos to make you start thinking maybe you’re not too old for dolls…

Winter hina-sama dolls for hina matsuri Girls' Day
In a bid to outperform Christmas, with its October to November mission creep, this semi-goth “Snow Bird” set turns Girls’ Day a year-round thing, even in winter
Mimosa hina-sama dolls for hina matsuri Girls' Day
You can get a better look at the necklace and ring accessories in this one…
White & gold hina-sama dolls for hina matsuri Girls' Day
…and this one
Wedding hina-sama dolls for hina matsuri Girls' Day
And in case you’ve got a few extra thou lying around after stocking up on every possible frippery for your wedding, they also make bride and groom sets

The first two photos are mine, shot at the Tobu Department store in Ikebukuro, but the rest are from the Goto Dolls website. In case your wallet hand is getting itchy, you should know that these sets start at about $1600 and YIKES go up from there. Of course, this is peanuts compared to…

Hina-sama dolls for hina matsuri Girls' Day made by National Living Treasure
…this $6000 pair being sold on the same floor, (made by a National Living Treasure, which is like having six pairs of Louboutins to hang on your Xmas tree.)

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