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Photo taken on Feb 10 February 08

Plum Blossom Countdown

All of February (and a little of March) is the best time to see fluffy pink and white and red beauties bursting like popcorn all over Tokyo. Here are the best places to see them, in order of when they bloom: Note: These photos were all taken from 2014-2016, so depending on how warm or cold […]

twitterpillowbook January 28

Tweets From The Pillow Book

Just think, if the author of The Pillow Book were alive today… • @seishonagon When the ornamental comb one has ordered turns out to be pretty #pleasingthings • @seishonagon One has gone to bed and is about to doze off when a mosquito appears, announcing himself in a reedy voice #hatefulthings @seishonagon One has been foolish enough to invite a man to […]

wineglassj January 11

25 Obscure & Amazing Things To Do In Tokyo In 2017

-1- Make a wish that you could draw as well as the other visitors at the anime & manga shrine Where: Kanda Myoujin Shrine (Kanda) • -2- Get your warts disappeared by the Wart-Curing Jizo Where: Nishi-arai Daishi Temple (Daishi-mae) • -3- Go check out what the best dressed nude statue in Tokyo is wearing this month Where: […]

kobodaishijoke1 September 30

In Which An 8th Century Monk Trolls Us All

Inside this telephone booth of yore lies the Miroku Stone. For hundreds of years (since the time of the venerable Kobo Daishi*) it has been known that if a virtuous person reaches through the little window and picks up the stone, it will feel light. But if you’ve been a bad boy, it will be unbearably […]

artaquarium2 September 12

Goldfish, Goldfish, Everywhere

Although by now we’re all sort of feeling like “don’t let the door hit you on the way out, you miserably hot & humid Japanese summer,” some of the various celebrations of goldfish are lingering on in a most delightful way until the end of September. Here they are! ART AQUARIUM This year’s exhibit was a bit less […]

ShibarareJizo1 August 25

St. Bondage

One painfully, BEASTLY hot day, I was scuttling along from shade puddle to shade puddle on my way back to Kanamachi Station, and I happened to glance through the gate of a random temple I was passing. Inside, I spotted this! This saint had to have some obscure specialty, like the Wart Curing Jizo or the Scrub Brush Shrine, and […]

HanabiFeat2 July 05

Big Bouquets Of Fire Flowers

SUMMERTIME! In the land where fireworks are more like giant flaming bunches of posies than boisterous, wham-bam, shock & awe, that’s what hanabi really means in Japanese: fire flowers. A summertime treat accompanied by those other traditional favorites, squid-on-a-stick & beer, the first time I saw a Japanese fireworks display, I was struck dumb with amazement. Not only did […]