What do you need for cherry blossom season? Your own light-up Lego cherry tree!

Remember when I ordered all those fab Lego village kits? Well, the Buildiverse folks sent me one that I missed (or I would have already bought it instantly): this light-up pinkness of pinknesses!

If you can’t be in Japan right now to see the real cherry trees put on their signature splendor, this is totally the Next Best Thing, replete with minifigs from all walks of life!

Buildiverse Lego light-up cherry tree sakura kit with kimono clad minifig and cameraman minifig
It features not just an artfully gnarled cherry tree, but also a kimono-clad beauty attended (of course) by a photographer (and here’s how you know it’s authentic) IN AN ORANGE VEST

I love how they included every type of hanami partier, from artist-y artist to host-ly host!

Buildiverse Lego light-up cherry tree sakura kit with four minifigs

And naturally, because Lego just begs to be made into little stop-action gifs…

And BONUS OF BONUSES I was saving this fox cosplayer minifig…

Fox cosplay Lego minifig

…for just such a seasonal nighttime scenario

It’s easy to get your hands on your very own light-up cherry tree (and they’re on sale right now, because it’s getting close to The Season, so take advantage!) Just so you know, this is not a quick build—it’s got a kerbillion weird-shaped pieces and I’d say it took me a good six or seven hours. The directions were pretty good (standard diagrams-only Lego-style booklet), but it took me a while because complicated design is complicated. Also, I am super lame at all things that have batteries, so I couldn’t get the light-up thingie to work before I had to take the pix, but I didn’t actually care that much about that, because the tree+shrine torii+minifigs were so awesome. I’m sure you’ll get it in one!

Note: A reader just informed me that the Buildiverse website I linked to ships from Aliexpress, with higher costs. I’m waiting for a reply about when/how this occurs, but in the meantime, I suggest you check your order carefully (especially at the last step, where they call out the shipping cost) before pressing the Order button. Will update if/when I find out more!

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4 thoughts on “What do you need for cherry blossom season? Your own light-up Lego cherry tree!

  1. Love the Lego set. Hanging my furin today and waiting for cherry blossoms in our courtyard. Happy Spring Jonelle.


    Sent from my iPhone


    1. You’re so lucky to have a cherry tree right outside your window! Our next door neighbors have a nice one too, so I get to enjoy it when it bursts into bloom. Not quite yet, though, I’m afraid.

  2. How Beauti-mous !! It reminds me of the time I (and yourself?) was completely enthralled with the Cherry Blossoms in Washington D.C. on that infamous trip. Between the shivering and rain drenched performance, now, as we approach April.

    1. I know, spring is flying by, isn’t it? And what a memory. I have so many cherry blossoms memories from Japan, I forget that I had one from so long ago in DC! Thanks for reminding me, my friend.

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