The Scourge Of The Orange Jacket

Okay, I know you think I’m a whiner because I went off on this guy wearing an orange jacket, sitting right in the middle of a shot I wanted to take during cherry blossom season at Shinjuku Gyōen. I mean, one guy, minding his own business—so what if his head’s inside his phone instead of looking around at the incredible clouds of beauteous pinkitude and noticing that other people (okay, me) might want to take a photo WITHOUT HIM AND HIS ORANGE JACKET smack in the middle of it?

You probably think I’m exaggerating this menace, but the orange jacket pestilence isn’t just real, it’s everywhere

No matter how far you travel (on an all-day bus tour to Hanamiyama in Fukushima, for example)…
…no matter what the weather (way up in northiest Aomori-ken)…
…there are people wearing ORANGE JACKETS. I mean, did you even notice the thousand-year-old cherry tree in the background? Not before your attention was hijacked by those two jacketbombers in front of it, I bet
Sometimes there are whole families of them
Sometimes they travel in packs
And they obviously paid no attention to the travel advisory about confining the mayhem to cherry blossom season
You’d think the tulips at Showa Kinen Park could hold their own, but no
The real pros surf the circuit, ruining photos at Unesco World Heritage sites in the off-season
Pushers of orange jackets set up shop distressingly close to known flower-viewing sites
And tragically enough, you’re never too young to begin the training

Jonelle Patrick writes novels set in Japan

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18 thoughts on “The Scourge Of The Orange Jacket

  1. That is so funny! The orange jacket spotter.

    How’s the new book coming along? Yup…..I had to ask. I look forward to reading it.



    1. Thanks for asking about the new book (stabbing self with nearest red ballpoint) Am still revising, revising, revising, but I’ll send it off to my agent by the end of April (or die trying). Your patience and enthusiasm is both saintly and so appreciated!

    1. Yeah, and did you note how I tastefully refrained from mentioning that orange looks good on exactly NOBODY (unless you’re so wantworthy you could wear a raccoon on your head and people would copy it)? That glow you see, it’s my halo.

  2. Fun…maybe “Orange is the new Black”??  had a blast with anna for a week in Maui..we all got back today/or tomorrow her time! Hope you and your family are doing well!!! We hope to get to Japan in December..or early next year! gotta sell more homes though! Best and thanks for your fun Blog! Troy Thiel, The Thiel Team

    1. Wow, so glad to hear that Anna is thriving in Tokyo. And I was just in Tokyo for New Year’s – there’s so much fun stuff to do, I’m sure you’ll have a blast!

  3. Thanks, Jonelle! the orange jackets kind of set an interesting contrast the the otherwise lush and subtle colors of the flowers! >

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