Japan’s funniest Mundane Halloween costumes 2021!

In Japan, “Jimi Halloween” costumes celebrate everything that nobody wants to be for Halloween because they are just too mundane and boring, like this guy from @dailyportalz Twitter feed, who’s dressed up as “a guy tagged on social media”

This year, pandemic-emergency bar, restaurant and movie theater lock-downs and working from home all came together to create the ideal conditions for an excellent crop of new Mundane Halloween costumes!

Here are my favorites, and links to much, much more…


These are from @dailyportalz Twitter feed—he took these photos at a Mundane Halloween costume event called “Sober Halloween 2021”

Person preparing for vaccine side reactions

Person with unstable internet connection

Person taking a Ring Fit break

(Ring Fit is a Nintendo Switch game that is supposed to make exercising easy because you get a workout while playing a video game)

Person whose mask broke at the office

Foot-operated disinfectant stand

Person standing in line for baggage inspection at an international airport

Guy who claims to be 169cm tall, at his annual physical

Someone waiting their turn at a beauty salon

(This Mundane Halloween costume is actually twice as funny, because in Japan, If you dress up as a ghost, you don’t put a white sheet with eyeholes over your head, you wear a costume that looks exactly like this!)

Concrete with cat footprints

People who make additional random purchases to disguise that they’re buying erotic magazines

And here are some fine ones from SoraNews24

Person who hasn’t been to the office for so long, they wore the wrong shoes

Person who has no trouble entering the Hikarie shopping center because their temperature is normal

Person who forgot they were wearing a mask and tried to drink coffee


And finally, from Spoon & Tamago

Photographer’s assistant whose job is to make children laugh

Person who takes a basket but doesn’t buy much

Person who spots a cockroach right before bed and grabs whatever he can find

Banksy, remote-controlling his shredder at the auction

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