J-swag giveaway, the insanity of a Japanese bus tour & nutty noodles

Sep-Oct 2022 Japanagram e-magazine features

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Hello, friend! It’s me, Jonelle. Here are the features that Japanagram subscribers are enjoying in September and October…

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First of all…say hello to an all-new Japanagram feature!

Instead of a book giveaway this month, I’m delving into my personal treasure trove of Japanese collectables for the…

Japan Swag Giveaway

Six photos of possible Japanese swag giveaways

From hilarious limited edition capsule toys to Japanese new year’s ornaments, each month one lucky subscriber will win something that’s uniquely Japanese and not available outside Japan. This will replace the book giveaway for a while, and all Japanagram subscribers are, of course, automatically entered to win.

Check your next Japanagram to see if you won the…

Sep-Oct 2022 Japan Swag Giveaway:
Attack Cats Limited Edition Capsule Toys

Attack Cats gashapon guarding a cupcake in the refrigerator

This month’s giveaway is a set of SIX limited edition Attack Cat capsule toys. I deploy mine whenever there’s a resource that needs guarding with style—as you can see, once you own a set, you won’t know how you managed without them….read more

Why, Japan, Why?: Haiku that capture the small embarrassments and ironies of modern life

Illustration and haiku poem written in Japanese by y_haiku

Elderly uncle buying sake.
Do I really have to
Check his ID?

read more

The Thing I Learned Today: What’s the most Japanese thing you can ever do? Go on a bus tour

Photos of Japanese bus tour eating dinner at traditional inn

Since Japan “opened” its borders again in June of 2022, the only tourists who have been allowed into Japan are those on government-approved guided tours. So perhaps you’ve been wondering…what’s it really like to go on a bus tour? Lucky for you, I took one for the team, so you don’t have to!…read more

Seasonal Secret: Let’s watch an epic pagoda parade light up the night!

Pagoda floats at Oeshiki Ikegami festival in Tokyo

This toro nagashi ceremony is held at the temple that sits on an island amid the nodding lotus of Shinobazu Pond in Ueno. It signals the end of annual O-bon festivities—the three days in summer when the spirits of the ancestors….read more

Japanese Home Cooking: Nutty Noodles

Photo of fork and plate of Japanese noodles with walnut sauce

It’s the peak of summer, and the last thing you want to do is slave over a hot stove, so what kind of meal can you pull together that turns leftovers and other stuff you’ve already got in your fridge into a feast for the senses?…read more

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