Tweets from the Pillow Book: Pandemic Version

If Sei Shonagon (author of that famous tenth-century snark-bible The Pillow Book) had been alive today and quarantined with the rest of us, I’m pretty sure she’d have tweeted these:

Woodblock print of woman wearing  mask looking at plum blossoms

@seishonagon The flowers in full bloom at a closed park #thingsthataredistantthoughnear

Woodblock print of woman wearing  mask looking at man

@seishonagon You finally make it to the front of the line for the supermarket, but realize you forgot your purse #thingsthataredistantthoughnear

Woodblock print of woman playing the koto gazing longingly at a man riding by outside on horseback

@seishonagon The roommate with a Switch who you should have chosen instead of the extrovert with a car #thingsthataredistantthoughnear

Woodblock print of woman wearing  mask holding a package of toilet paper

@seishonagon A full package of two-ply toilet paper #pleasingthings

Woodblock print of man wearing  mask coming home from work while wife juggles many tasks

@seishonagon Working from home during quarantine when your partner still works at an office #hatefulthings

Woodblock print of two woman wearing masks and a man wearing a mask looking on disapprovingly

@seishonagon Social-distanced walking buddies who chat obliviously while occupying both the sidewalk AND the street #hatefulthings

Woodblock print of woman wearing  mask looking at discarded rubber glove on the ground

@seishonagon A disgarded rubber glove #squalidthings

Four sumo wrestlers looking disapproving

@seishonagon You missed the sign saying only one packet of chocolate chips per customer #embarrassingthings

Woodblock print of woman looking disappointed in a bowl of rice

@seishonagon Food from a fancy restaurant doesn’t taste quite as good at the kitchen table #thingsthathavelosttheirpower

Woodblock print of woman wearing  jinihitoe, surrounded by unwrapped parcels, looking disappointed

@seishonagon The new clothes you ordered before the pandemic arrive, but now there’s nowhere to wear them #thingsthathavelosttheirpower

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5 thoughts on “Tweets from the Pillow Book: Pandemic Version

    1. So happy to add a little smile to your days! How are you doing? I’ve been enjoying your blog posts, but am so sorry that you’re stuck in a place where that’s the most delightful thing there is to do. I’d be so envying you if you were home right now, in the best place on earth to be quarantined, and it sucks bigtime that you’re in exile. Is there a departure date in sight yet?

      1. I booked tickets, at last. Rochi is still a mess but the hospital has done all they could. It’s time to go home and lick our wounds. Fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong, we leave May 20.

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