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August 29

Jazz Age Paintings Of Beautiful Women And The Real Kimonos They Were Wearing

If you love kimono – and especially if you love Taisho and Showa-age kimono – don’t miss this exhibition! Right now, the Yayoi-Yumeji Museum – where over 3,000 of artist/illustrator Takehisa Yumeji’s works are archived – is displaying the actual kimonos and accessories worn in his paintings, side by side. I’m a huge fan of Taisho […]

November 22

TeamLab Borderless: Best Digital Museum EVER!

Seriously, if you come to Tokyo and see nothing else, see THIS When was the last time you went to a museum and totally lost track of time because it was so entertaining? I expected a permanent installation dreamed up by the gifted artists and techies at TeamLab to be pretty damn good, but I […]

January 11

25 Obscure & Amazing Things To Do In Tokyo

-1- Make a wish that you could draw as well as the other visitors at the anime & manga shrine Where: Kanda Myoujin Shrine (Kanda) • -2- Get your warts disappeared by the Wart-Curing Jizo Where: Nishi-arai Daishi Temple (Daishi-mae) • -3- Go check out what the best dressed nude statue in Tokyo is wearing this month Where: […]

October 05

An Afternoon At The Poo Museum

Poo rules at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation! Their current special exhibit tells you everything you always wanted to know about that most human and unmentionable of subjects, and it’s helpfully narrated by a series of talking toilets. You can even don a poo hat and flush yourself down the giant toilet slide to follow […]

May 04

Three Things They Never Tell You About The 47 Rōnin

In case you don’t live in Japan or were raised by wolves in rural Aomori, the story of the 47 rōnin goes like this: After being insulted in the castle of the shōgun, Lord Asano draws his sword and wounds his tormentor, Lord Kira. Asano is sentenced to commit ritual suicide for committing this unpardonable offense. His […]

August 13

Where To Get The Most Killer Profile Pix Ever

Follow the directions posted on the wall next to each life-size, optical illusion painting at the Trick Art Museum in Odaiba, and your life will instantly look way more exciting than it actually is! If you’d like to visit the Trick Art Museum in Odaiba the next time you’re in Tokyo, a map is on my website, The Tokyo […]

June 17

Smile Fight

As a lifelong 98-pound weakling, team captains had good reason to choose me last when it came to athletic contests, but at the Sony ExploraScience museum, I finally found my sport: Smile Fighting! Yes, they have a piece of technological wizardry that actually analyzes your beaming face and gives you a score! After extensive experimentation, […]