Uber Dandy Kimono: Wildly modern, breathtakingly bold, insanely stunning

Tia Oguri of Uber Dandy Kimono
Tia Oguri is so fabulous I can’t even

I’ve been a fan of the divine Tia Oguri since long before she began designing kimono with traditional African fabrics, because her kimono styling has always been out-of-this-world fresh and exciting. Her latest venture, though, is pure WOW. Take a look at her Uber Dandy Kimono designs, and I think you’ll agree that they show off her talent at a whole new level!

Uber Dandy Kimono Amazwe kimono ensemble
Her first Amazwe collection used traditional African wax printed cottons, combining breezy yukata comfort with touches of kimono style to boost the look past casual
Uber Dandy Kimono Amazwe kimono ensembles
Who’d imagine that such bold prints could work so well together in infinite combinations of kimono, obi and accessories?
Uber Dandy Kimono Amazwe kimono ensemble with hakama
And she doesn’t stop at yukata—these hakama in African wax prints are the most stylish graduation statement around
Uber Dandy Kimono Amazwe kimono ensemble
When the pandemic began, Uber Dandy didn’t miss a beat, and was one of the first to demonstrate how fabulous a coordinating mask can be.
Tia Oguri in Uber Dandy Kimono Nkechi kimono ensemble with cape
And look at this stunning cape ensemble from her Nkechi collection! What to wear over your kimono if you need a coat is a perennial problem, because the sleeves are too wide to fit inside Western coats and sweaters, and most off-the-rack cape designs tend to be inappropriately witch and wizard-y.
Uber Dandy Kimono Nkechi kimono ensemble
Her Nkechi collection also uses traditional African prints, but these have a less geometric, almost Japanese flavor. See how beautifully they adapt to eclectic kimono hime styling, and work with modern Western accessories?
Uber Dandy Kimono Nyoni kimono ensemble
Her Nyoni collection moves into a cooler palette, but is still an eyepopping lesson in how marvelously modern African prints can be.
Uber Dandy Kimono Nyoni kimono ensemble with samurai hakama
Riffing on traditional samurai wear, this Nyoni hakama ensemble is an exciting new direction in kimono-inspired clothing
Uber Dandy Kimono pattern matching
The skill required to match and cut these bold patterns requires meticulous precision and an eye for what works and what doesn’t. Shown here are some designs from the men’s collections she’s working on right now

Another fantastic thing about Uber Dandy designs is that they’re sized for people who aren’t Japanese. Kimonos are pretty forgiving (and flattering) when it comes to body size and shape, as long as they’re long enough and wide enough to work with. Uber Dandy cuts are generous and made with Western frames in mind.

How to get yours!

You can see all the current collections on the Uber Dandy Kimono website

Uber Dandy Kimono website home page
“Traditional Japanese kimono with a hint of madness.”

Or if you’re lucky enough to be in the UK, you can see all the Uber Dandy kimonos at her shops in two Antiques On High locations:

Antiques On High Oxford
85 High Street
Oxford, England OX1 4BG

Antiques On High Sidmouth
26 Fore Street
Sidmouth, England EX10 8AQ

Uber Dandy Kimono photo styling
Tia Oguri also offers styling services for photo shoots, workshops on wearing and styling kimono, kimono ensemble rentals and a shop that sells traditional vintage kimono. It’s all on the Uber Dandy website.

You can also follow Tia Oguri on the Uber Dandy Kimono Facebook page and Instagram. All photos here are from the Uber Dandy website.

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