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July 12

Make Your Own Plastic Food…At Home!

Okay, as the self-diagnosed Queen of Fail when it comes to Japanese crafts (remember the “rabbit” from the animal lollipops workshop?), I was pretty sure that any fake food I made without the experts at the Make Your Own Plastic Food Workshop would look more like something from the compost bin than a reputable kitchen. But so many people told me they were dying […]

May 12

Cross Stitch Yourself A Phone Case!

“Home Sweet Home” samplers – sooo 17th century. Today’s Crafty Craftpern whips up a smartphone case instead. Today at Shibuya Loft I saw needle & thimble-ready cases in eight different colors, ready for you to beaver up your favorite design, from Hello Kitty to  Cuddly Raw Fish Boy. Or you can cheat, and buy yourself one that’s already crocheted! […]

January 25

Make Your Own Goth Sushi

Okay, bento warriors, here’s your chance to show the lunchroom what you’re really made of! Step by step instructions for making skull-tastic sushi rolls from any old scraps of rice, omelet and seaweed you happen to have lying around the house! No need to painstakingly translate all that pesky Japanese – just make like a […]

January 11

Rice Of Unbearable Cuteness

Although digging into this adorable bunny-shaped rice might be a bit like steeling yourself to whack the head off a Bambi piñata, who can resist making boring old curry into a dish of overwhelming cuteness? This handy rice mold set also includes a fork-a-baby-dolphin-to-death design and the rather more humane sunflower model. If you’d like to […]

September 13

The King Tut of Lunchboxing

I didn’t think making a Japanese bento box could get any MORE labor intensive, but bless my tweezers and nail scissors, yesterday I saw The King Tut Bento. Feast your eyes on that pharaoh-sized nori-maki, plus a pair of hieroglyphic eye-rolls, suitable for sumo wrestler-size appetites! The hand-rolled works of art alone would require me to […]

September 10

Square Eggs

I thought I’d seen it all when I encountered this device for making square eggs. Apparently, all you have to do is squish your perfectly hardboiled egg with the little plunger thingie, and Bob’s your square uncle. But…why? My guess is it’s the newest weapon in the ever-escalating Bento Lunchbox Wars fought in the trenches […]

July 26

Sandwiches Fight Back!

In the never-ending quest for lunchtime supremacy, now even the humble sandwich can have its day on the podium. If you can just talk your mom into whipping out a loaf of heart-shaped bread before school every morning, the other kids will be standing in line to trade their Pikachu bento boxes for your PB&Js! […]