Lunchboxing Power Tools


Are the kids at school making fun of your progeny because the Pikachu rice ball you tried to make looked more like Godzilla? Did the teacher send home a note about not making lunch characters that scare the other children, when all you were tying to do was make that hot dog look like a friendly octopus? Or maybe you just can’t face one more day of getting up at 5:00 a.m. to unpack your tweezers and nail scissors to start crafting the daily edible art project.

Tokyu Hands to the rescue! Here are a few products guaranteed to double the cuteness score of even the lamest mom.

Remember how many different swear words you had to use before you gave up trying to cut those puppy lips out of seaweed? Curse no more! Here are face punches for every occasion!
For top-scoring cuteness without tearing all your hair out, smush some rice into these adotable bear and bunny molds, then use the punches to make their eyes, nose, mouth and accessories.
You’d have to be utterly hopeless not to be able to churn out perfect little baby pandas every time with this handy mold and cutter set.
This one makes it even easier – all you have to do is squeeze some rice into vague little lumps, then cut a wrapper out of cheeses or ham as a disguise.
Best of all, this tool is a soy sauce stencil! No patting those rice balls into exotic shapes, no cutting itsy bitsy decorations out of seaweed. All you have to do is cram some rice into a little Tupperware, then sprinkle soy sauce though the holes in the stencil!

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