The King Tut of Lunchboxing


I didn’t think making a Japanese bento box could get any MORE labor intensive, but bless my tweezers and nail scissors, yesterday I saw The King Tut Bento. Feast your eyes on that pharaoh-sized nori-maki, plus a pair of hieroglyphic eye-rolls, suitable for sumo wrestler-size appetites! The hand-rolled works of art alone would require me to set my alarm for 4:00 a.m. instead of the usual bento-mania 5:00, but if I were also to craft those perfectly steamed broccoli florets, simmered root vegetables, octopus and soybean salad, sweet chestnuts, kuromame, fishcakes and shrimp with artfully scattered salmon eggs, I think I’d have to fire up the espresso machine and just pull an all-nighter.

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