Deep-Fried Bacon On A Stick


So you know how people are always going on about how super healthy Japanese food is, and that’s why nobody is Japan gets heart attacks or is fat, etc. etc. bla bla bla? Well, put this in your pipe and smoke it! Deep. Fried. Bacon. On a stick.

A Japanese friend suggested meeting at a kushiage restaurant, but I totally heard wrong, and thought it would be a kushiYAKI joint. Kushiyaki is skewers of grilled-bits-with-sauce. Kushiage is deep-fried everything on a stick. The difference: a honkin’ big vat of boiling oil.

But by the time menus were passed around and the size of my Japanese fail was revealed, there was no going back. Deep fried sweet potatoes. On a stick. Deep fried quail eggs. On a stick. Deep friend squash, shrimp and fish. On a stick. And yes, deep-fried bacon. Skewered up, dredged in bread crumb goodness and crisped to the max.

Was it good? Yes. Yes, it was. Just kill me now.

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