Scary Eyes Made Easy


If you don’t think it’s quite out there enough to have eyes that make you look like a living doll, say hello to this line of definitely unnatural contacts! How about a nice alien look, with Solid White? Or perhaps a touch of psychopath, with Spiral or Manson Red?

I saw these for sale at Laforet, in Harajuku.

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4 thoughts on “Scary Eyes Made Easy

  1. I once saw a girl at a keitai store wearing living doll contacts. Totally freaked me out. I can’t even wear nail polish.

    1. I barely notice the living doll contacts anymore, but the first time I saw someone wearing ones like this, it was a serious disconnect. She was a beautiful girl dressed sort of goth, but nothing too costume-y…except for her eyes. It took me a moment to figure out why she struck me as so alien!

      1. They still scare the pickles out of me every time. I can’t handle painted fingernails either, for that matter.

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