March 10


Anime Eyes

If you’re going to be a visual kei star, you’ve got to get The Look. Hair bleached, waxed, teased and sprayed? Check! Matching band promo Hello Kitty X Peace Now t-shirts? Check! But most important, did you remember to put in your circle contacts and make up your eyes so you look like a live action anime character? Triple check to Golden Bomber for all of the above!

But what if you don’t have an army of stylists swarming your dressing room? Kera magazine comes through again with step by step directions for getting that perfect big-eyed look! All you need is killer eyeliner, bruise-colored eyeshadow, some wicked fake eyelashes, and a pair of contacts that covers up your real eye color along with a lot of the white part. Look and learn at the feet of the masters!

The tricky part comes after you put in your circle contacts and shadow up your eyes. You’ve got to draw a perfect swoosh with the eyeliner, then glue on your fake eyelashes BELOW the actual bottom edge of your eye. See how the corner is now further out and lower? Then you have to blacken that little triangle of skin to give the impression that your eyes are now a completely different shape. If you’re Golden Bomber, now you’re ready for the Nippon Budokan!

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