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April 24

A Rabbit A Day At The Bunny Cafe

Hello there, bunnies! Wow, you are cute and friendly. Please don’t poop on me. Fortunately, lap diapers are dispensed at the door, so you can enjoy the lovely bunnies without any dry cleaning anxiety. At the Ohisama rabbit café, a 30-minute lapful of long-eared fluffiness will set you back about ten bucks, including the coffee/tea of your choice (served in […]

March 22

The Robot Restaurant

Fembots, scantily-clad taiko drummers, battling transformers…okay, I admit the Robot Restaurant is more like Vegas on steroids than ye olde Nippon, but you’ve really gotta see this extravaganza once in your life! Even the waiting lounge is entertaining – every nook and cranny is paved with flashing lights, shiny baubles, and wall-to-wall video screens showing […]

March 06

Where To Get The Best Cup Of Coffee In The Whole World

Let me ask you this: how often can you get something that’s the best in the world for less than ten bucks? Because today – score! – I had the BEST COFFEE IN THE WORLD for ¥700. It was at a little timeslip of a coffee bar in Ginza called the Café Bechet. Naturally – […]

February 02

Forever Alone: Japan Version

In The Land of Group Harmony, doing things by yourself is almost un-Japanese. But because Japan is also the country which offers a hot spring resort for dogs, a store that only sells big red underwear for people over sixty, wine matched to your blood type, a club for people who gather in the park every […]

January 31

Wait, Seriously, You Can Eat That?!

In case you were wondering if there is such a thing as too much information, take a look-see at this handy chart I spotted recently, hanging outside a “Don’t Waste Anything!” restaurant in Tokyo. Although at first glance it looks like a biology quiz, when you discover it’s a diagram of where all the meats […]

January 18

More Extreme Pancakes

What are those little wiggly-looking lumps on top of that monster pancake? I wondered, perusing the specials menu at Hoshino Coffee, home of Godzilla-sized flapjacks. “Crema Catalan & Anglaise Sauce” gave me zero clue, so I had to order it. Turns out they’re…creme brulee? Flan? Vanilla pudding-ish, at any rate. Not what one would expect to […]

October 23

…And A Pitcher O’ Dessert, Please

What the whating what? Is this even a dessert? Cornflakes, whipped cream, fruit cocktail, bananas, ice cream and a choco-sauced brownie, served up in a jumbo crowd-pleasin’ pitcher. Eek doesn’t even begin to describe it. • Read a novel set in Tokyo