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The Godzilla Of Pancakes


If you are what you eat, right now I’m a righteous tower of these tall boys. This “short stack” came topped with butter and kuromitsu (Okinawan black sugar syrup) and yes ma’am, I ate every single fluffmonster bite.

It was so good, I had to return to Hoshino Coffee for an encore. The next time, I ordered this puppy topped with whipped cream, blueberry sauce, and maple syrup. The verdict: yes sir, may I have another, sir?


If you want to try some of these the next time you’re in Tokyo, Hoshino Coffee is on the second floor of the Magnet by 109 building near Shibuya Station. A map is on my website, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had.

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Writing mystery books set in Tokyo is mostly what I do, but I also blog about the odd stuff I see every day in Japan. I'm a graduate of Stanford University and the Sendagaya Japanese Institute in Tokyo, and a member of the International Thriller Writers, the Mystery Writers of America, and Sisters In Crime. When I'm not in Tokyo, I live in San Francisco. I also host a travel site called The Tokyo Guide I Wish I'd Had, so if you're headed to Japan and want to check out the places I take my friends when they're in town, take a look!

12 thoughts on “The Godzilla Of Pancakes Leave a comment

  1. My complete purpose for getting up today is now to somehow use ‘fluffmonster’ in a sentence.
    I’ve just finished my lunch so my belly is immune to your pancakey charms, however if I revisit this post (and I always revisit your posts) then I cannot guarantee that I won’t end up on a plane to Japan by night fall!

    • Using fluffmonster in a sentence not dealing with pancakes: instant win, unless you use it to describe a cat or Significant Other, in which case all previously hard-won points will be forfeit. Extra lives will be awarded if you use it as your avatar’s name in any RPG. (´Д` )

  2. Chores in Shibuya today so I checked out the pancakes. Your pictures look better than the plastic models at the shop. Alas, tummy was full of Raj Mahal curry so I couldn’t partake.

    • Oooo, Raj Mahal curry! But I digress. You must train up, my young apprentice, in order to make room for pancakes on top of any other meal. You will only graduate to the next spiritual level once you can pound some down after a big plate of curry rice or tonkatsu…

      • Thank you, sensei. I am dutifully shamed and will double my efforts.

        Could you point me in the direction of the Fat Lady store?

  3. I think pancakes are this year’s trend in Japan. It’s like pole dancing at parties in Tokyo was the trend two years ago but the same demographics. Women in their 20s, 30, and 40’s. You don’t see two salarymen at the pancake cafe very often methinks.

    • Ahaha, clearly I’m going to all the wrong parties, since I totally missed the pole-dancing trend! I did see a guy doing it at a hanami party in Yoyogi Park this year, but he was not, I think, your typical participant. As for pancakes, I think you’re right on all counts – they’re everywhere recently! But I especially love this version because it’s so Japanese. Who else would attempt to make pancakes that a) look totally difficult to produce and b) fulfill some sort of ideal form factor?

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