Please Tell Me That’s Not Banana Coffee


Oh noooo! It is! Chocolate banana coffee, to be exact, and it’s this month’s special at the Excelsior Cafe. In my humble opinion, those two flavors go together like mushrooms and whipped cream, but that’s not the worst part. The feature that really pushes this one into the category of foods you would only serve your worst enemy is that the banana flavor is supplied by a dollop of the most dreaded food in the fruit world: SMUSHED BANANAS.

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12 thoughts on “Please Tell Me That’s Not Banana Coffee

  1. WHAT!! this stuff is amazing… its actually one of my fave drinks… i drink chocolate banana coffee and banana milk here whenever i get the chance lol

    1. Really?! Okay, I’m willing to keep an open mind, then. Maybe it’s like banana bread, which I never ever crave, but when it’s there in front of me and I eat a piece, it’s like hey now I remember this is surprisingly good event though it’s made from bananas way past their sell-by date. In fact, perhaps I’ll have another.

  2. I think bananas and chocolate go really well together! I mean, banana split, anyone? I’m w/ Stephanie on this one, even though I haven’t specifically had the coffee.

    1. I totally agree with you on the banana-chocolate combo, it’s just the coffee element that raises the big question mark for me. But maybe the coffee is just a token ingredient, so the cafe can make it the “coffee of the month” and put it on the coffee drink menu?

      1. it may not taste the same as the ones in the vending machines but try it and see lol

  3. This doesn’t sound so terribly awful to me, actually. (I get the feeling sometimes that most of my comments on your blog consist of some version of that statement.)

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