Standing Room Only…Restaurants?

Fried meat on a stick, SRO.

Taking the single-guy-wolfing-down-a-microwaved-burrito-over-the-sink to new levels, check out these SRO restaurants! Not uncommon, especially near train stations, these places solve a major problem for harried Japanese citizens: how do you grab a bite when you’ve got 30 minutes from office to meeting and 20 of those are going to be spent in a subway car?

Let’s review the obstacle course:

1: No eating or drinking on trains.

2: No eating or drinking while walking around.

3: No auto in which to dine while vrooming to meeting.

4: Nowhere to throw your trash if you think you can get away with furtively gobbling down a rice ball from a convenience store while hiding in a nearby alley or behind a planter.

There are several varieties of standing room only restaurants to choose from: kushiage (fried meaty bits on sticks), soba, udon or ramen (bowls of noodles), and even sushi! But all deliver the two things people working like demons need most: speed and calories!

In this restaurant, you can slurp up a bowl of noodles between trains

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