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September 02

Haunted Prison Restaurant? Yes, Please!

  Do you even have to ask? Of course Tokyo has a restaurant where you get locked into a cell and made to drink cocktails with eyeballs in them! Every group gets their own private cell, and each seating features a monster show with live cast members roaming the prison. Food is fairly decent, with well-executed prison-themed names […]

May 12

Precision Drinking At The Science Bar

I must insist that you hoist a glass at the Science Bar Incubator, in the name of research! The bartender/owner has a degree in medical engineering, but his most successful experiments to date seem to be shots of tequila served with salt and lemon wedges in petri dishes, flights of wine measured out in test tubes, and beer chasers drafted into 500 ml beakers. If you’d like […]

June 16

Princess For A Day At The Foreign Butler Café!

If your life’s ambition is to be waited on hand and foot by a handsome foreign man in tie and tails, get thee to the Butlers Cafe on the double! Not only will you be presented with a tiara to wear for the occasion, ringing the antique bell will bring the servant of your dreams […]

February 17

Magical Food At The Ninja Restaurant

I have to admit, until last week I’d never been to a restaurant where my waitress brought me an egg, set it on fire and turned it into a chicken. Apparently, when the waitress is a ninja, this is no big deal. A minor exertion, in fact, after conjuring up a drawbridge so we could […]

November 28

Giant Female Robots On Wheels

Just another night in Kabuki-chō – stylishly mufflered hosts trying their damnedest to charm women off the street and into their clubs, hucksters with their ero-comics laid out for sale on blankets along the main boulevard, and giant female robots being trailered through the streets. Accompanied by a billboard truck blasting ads, these beauties were […]

July 15

Biohazard Cafe

Hmm, I’ve never gotten food poisoning in Japan, even from the sketchiest of conbini bentos, but eating at the Biohazard Cafe seemed a little too close to giving Fate a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. If I were a big Resident Evil fan I might have overcome my reservations, but… • Read […]

August 12

Black Rage Of Satan Pizza & Other Delicacies

Um, that would be “brand” as in “home on the range,” not as in “Louis Vuitton,” in case you were wondering which kanji character was used for the “Jesus Brand Cheesecake” on the dessert menu at the Christon Café. This Catholic/Goth theme restaurant is all about gargoyles, stained glass, Virgin Mary statues, crucifixes and “Witch Girl” […]