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September 18

Because Who WOULDN’T Want A Cocktail Served In A Smoke-Filled Skull?

And that’s just the tip o’ the liquid nitrogen, flash-frozen iceberg at the Codename:Mixology bar! Because although no snozzberries were detected on the menu, this place definitely is to what-did-I-just drinks as Willy Wonka is to chocolate factories. One of the things I especially like about this bar is that most of the cocktails don’t knock you under the table, so you can try (or share) more than […]

September 02

Haunted Prison Restaurant? Yes, Please!

  Do you even have to ask? Of course Tokyo has a restaurant where you get locked into a cell and made to drink cocktails with eyeballs in them! Every group gets their own private cell, and each seating features a monster show with live cast members roaming the prison. Food is fairly decent, with well-executed prison-themed names […]

October 13

Festival Of 10,000 Lanterns

  Every once in a while, Japan so wildly exceeds expectations, it’s hard to put it into words, so I’ll just show you pictures of last night’s Oeshiki Ikegami festival instead. Special thanks go to Tokyobling’s Blog, where I learned about this fantastic festival. I suggest taking a look at his posts, because he takes gorgeous pictures […]

October 05

An Afternoon At The Poo Museum

Poo rules at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation! Their current special exhibit tells you everything you always wanted to know about that most human and unmentionable of subjects, and it’s helpfully narrated by a series of talking toilets. You can even don a poo hat and flush yourself down the giant toilet slide to follow […]

April 12

How To Be A Lolita For A Day!

Admit it – don’t you want to try it, just once? Well guess what? Now you can get your Lolita on for around a hundred bucks, with professional hair, makeup, and photos! And that’s just what my friend Yuki and I did a few weeks ago! The stylistas at Maison de Julietta in the Harajuku Laforet let us choose from their closet […]

February 20

All About Love Hotels!

Where I come from, the kind of hotels that charge by the hour instead of the night are ultra-shady and tend to get raided by the cops a lot. Not in Japan! In the country where most people live in quarters that are far from spacious and even further from private, love hotels aren’t just […]

April 08

Weirdest. Beauty. Treatment. Ever.

Wait, eww, what are those fish doing? They’re, uh, giving me a pedicure. What? A pedicure? Haha, yeah, right, they’re fluttering around beautifying your feet? With their little fishie nail files? They do it with their mouths. What?! They’re biting you? What are they, baby sharks? You stuck your feet in a pool of sharks? […]