Partying With The Gods

When winter finally lets go of Tokyo and the days start to get long and warm, it’s time to take the local deities out and show them a good time! But the kami-sama can’t just wedge onto the train like the rest of us – they have to be taken around in style while being reminded of theContinue reading “Partying With The Gods”

Festival Of 10,000 Lanterns

Every once in a while, Japan so wildly exceeds expectations, it’s hard to put it into words, so I’ll just show you pictures of last night’s Oeshiki Ikegami festival instead. And just for fun, here are the eleven strangest shrines in Tokyo, with all the inside scoop on the resident gods’ superpowers •

Industrial-Strength Exorcism in Three Easy Steps

Today, in honor of Setsubun, allow me to divulge the time-honored Japanese method for getting rid of all your demons! 1: FIRST, YOU NEED BEANS Soybeans. Roasted ones. These are for throwing at the oldest male member of your family, who will be wearing a demon mask for the occasion. The demon must be peltedContinue reading “Industrial-Strength Exorcism in Three Easy Steps”