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November 19

Wonder If They’ll All Be Named ‘Sonic’?

The newest pet craze to hit Tokyo: hedgehogs. For full enjoyment of your new pet, it would be best to adopt a schedule that includes all-night video gaming, as they are primarily nocturnal and will Assume The Position (shown above) for most of the day. Also, although they look cuddly, that fluffy-looking fur is actually spines. Just sayin’. The […]

May 30

Wondering Where One Might Wear A Garment Like This…

…but failing. I spotted this, er, striking piece of clothing at the Men’s 109 in Shibuya, at the Wild Party boutique. Maybe Japanese people would be just as surprised if they saw a t-shirt in America emblazoned with that famous painting of The Death Of Buddha, but… • Read a novel set in Tokyo

February 20

All About Love Hotels!

Where I come from, the kind of hotels that charge by the hour instead of the night are ultra-shady and tend to get raided by the cops a lot. Not in Japan! In the country where most people live in quarters that are far from spacious and even further from private, love hotels aren’t just […]

February 16

Snow Dog

All kinds of great non-snowmen appeared around Tokyo after the last big dump of snow – from transforming Snow Pikachus, to Snow Shrines Dedicated To Crossdressing TV Celebs – but this one is my favorite! If you’ve ever been to Shibuya, you’ll recognize the statue of Hachiko, the faithful dog who waited at the station […]

January 14

Alt Kimono

Give granny a heart attack with a Coming-Of-Age kimono that shows as much leg as your old schoolgirl uniform, bares a shoulder and some black-lace-edged cleavage, or cinches everything together with a corset instead of an obi! Last Sunday was the day all 20-year-olds officially become adults, but not everybody donned traditional maidenly garb to […]

December 08

The Cocktail Truck

Gourmet food trucks: sooo last year! Bring on the cocktail truck! What could be more festive than a van dispensing libations to thirsty holiday shoppers on the streets of Shibuya? This rolling Smirnoff bar was serving up Mojitos, Cosmopolitans and the mysteriously named Caipiroska* when I last sauntered past the Parco store at the end […]

September 29

Taking Blingmobile To A Whole New Level

Tooling around in a boring old red Ferrari would be like driving an old Hyundai compared to pulling up to the curb in this Swarovski-paved Mercedes! Feast your eyes on the marvel of sparkle-mania that is the D.A.D. Store poster car. The rhinestone-encrusted D.A.D. accessories look positively tasteful in comparison. Naturally, if you’re swanning around […]