Alt Kimono

AltKimono copy

Give granny a heart attack with a Coming-Of-Age kimono that shows as much leg as your old schoolgirl uniform, bares a shoulder and some black-lace-edged cleavage, or cinches everything together with a corset instead of an obi! Last Sunday was the day all 20-year-olds officially become adults, but not everybody donned traditional maidenly garb to celebrate their ability to legally buy booze. Ageha magazine dished up mini-kimonos, deco kimonos, Spanish kimonos and even gangsta kimonos, so devoted Shibuya gals could continue to outrage their parents.


Rhinestone trim and blood-red lilies for her, blingy golden dragon hakama for him, and badass glitter “tattoos” for all, make a gangsta’s coming-of-age a day to remember.

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