Half Nakedness Prohibited

Floating above Shibuya, with the Yamanote Line trains rocketing by, is Miyashita Park, its carvalicious bowls, ledges, rails, ramps and quarter pipes a skater’s dream. Except for…The Rules.

Drinking for enjoyment rather than rehydration: prohibited!

Light up a smoke? Tanuki raccoon-dogs will carry you off to be executed by the death of a thousand cuts!

Wax a ledge? Not unless you want to be fed to the sea monkeys.

Half or stark nakedness? What do you think this is, a hot spring resort? (Mind you, it’s not especially tempting right now, with the thermometer hovering around 10 degrees C, but come the steamy months of May and June…)

Still, it’s a two minute walk from Shibuya Station, it only costs a couple hundred yen to skate, and it’s never crowded, so giving up a little stark-nakedness might just be worth it.

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7 thoughts on “Half Nakedness Prohibited

    1. Hmm, good question. I don’t think the skaters are more restrained here than elsewhere, but this skate park is pretty well-designed – the dirt moats around the trees keep skaters from bashing into them by accident. They must get hit by rocketing runaway boards occasionally, though, and since this park is pretty new, I bet the trees might have more battle damage in a year or two.

  1. Hey J-

    Your blog is awesome. I will be traveling to Asia for the first time this May.
    HK, Singapore and Beijing.

    I hope to visit Tokyo some day. Trying to get my dad a show out there…

    – Peter

    1. I would love to see your dad’s work shown here in Tokyo! It would be hugely popular, I think. Of course, you’d have to come for an exploratory trip to set everything up, checking out important support services such as all-night sushi and the prison hospital theme bar. Mi casa is su casa, if I’m still here.

      And I can’t wait to see your photos from that Asia trip! Will stalk your blog more frequently in anticipation…

      1. Sounds amazing. I am going to get the ball rolling with my dad. I will actually be the first family member to visit Asia.
        Everyone is very excited (+nervous) for me! :b

        Been so busy with school/work haven’t had time to work on my blog but check out my latest post of delicious avocados!

  2. “Drinking for enjoyment rather than rehydration: prohibited!”

    Japanese rules sure are scary. I swear, if you try to read my University guide full of rules and keigo, you will go insane… XD

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