Canine Dining At The Dog Café!

Fuki and Sala’s gourmet cheesy bites at the Puppies Café

After cavorting at the Dog Petit Resort Joker, Yoko and I took Fuki and Sala to their favorite Odaiba lunch spot: the Puppies Café. Every table comes equipped with a water dish for the dogs and a canine menu. While we ate indifferent “American style” salads, dogs all around us were dining on gourmet steak tartare, cheesy bites and sashimi from their very own sporks.

Afterwards, we nipped into the Puppies dog rental store next door and browsed through the playmates on offer. Each picture was accompanied by a description of the dog’s personality (Great with children! Loves to fetch the ball!) They were all booked (it was a Saturday) but fortunately we already had Fuki and Sala, who were happy to walk with us on the boardwalk for free.

If you’d like to visit Odaiba the next time you’re in Tokyo, more pictures and a map are on my website, The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had.

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