Extreme Pancakes

In a “foreign food” breakthrough worthy of comparison to the In ‘n Out Double Double, behold the most recent craze in Japanese pancakes: super thick flapjacks! A miracle of batter engineering, these ultra-fluffmonsters are not only perfectly browned on both sides, they’re cooked all the way through with no surprise pockets of sogginess in the middle. The not-so-short stack above is from the Iwata Coffee Shop in Kamakura, but if you want to tackle the fattest pancake of all, you’ll have to go to the Café Salon Sonjin in Yokohama!

Photos from Tokyo Sweets magazine.

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6 thoughts on “Extreme Pancakes

    1. Sadly, this is from one of the many Japanese magazines that tell where to find certain foods, not how to make them, arg. >_<. I suspect, however, seasoned consumer of Japanese how-to advice that I am, the recipe involves special equipment (dedicated pancake rings, greased a certain way), The Hard Way Of Doing Things (i.e. whipped egg whites instead of dumping in a spoonful of baking powder) and meticulous instructions ("beat for 237 seconds with a 500 rpm electric whisk"). Like that. If I run across a recipe, I will certainly post it!

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