Gnomes Of Enlightenment

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil…

Does that include thinking uncharitable thoughts when you see a foreign blond guy trying to rock a Japanese 2-block haircut?

Or hating on the person in the upstairs apartment who seems to be hard of hearing and really really really likes enka music?

Inquiring gnomes want to know.

You can get your very own set of Enlightened Gnomes at Loft in Shibuya.

The Last Tea Bowl Thief was chosen as an Editor’s Pick for
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“A fascinating mix of history and mystery.” —Booklist

Jonelle Patrick writes novels set in Japan, produces the monthly e-magazine Japanagram, and blogs at Only In Japan and The Tokyo Guide I Wish I’d Had

Published by Jonelle Patrick

Writes all the Japan things.

8 thoughts on “Gnomes Of Enlightenment

      1. If you find an online source, let me know! The only place I’ve seen them for sale is Shibuya Loft. If you know someone who really really wants one, though, you can get White Rabbit Express to shop and ship for you.

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