Wait, Seriously, You Can Eat That?!


In case you were wondering if there is such a thing as too much information, take a look-see at this handy chart I spotted recently, hanging outside a “Don’t Waste Anything!” restaurant in Tokyo.

Although at first glance it looks like a biology quiz, when you discover it’s a diagram of where all the meats on the restaurant’s menu come from, you may wish it had stayed safely within the pages of your 10th grade textbook. This restaurant serves fifteen (count ’em, fifteen!) different types of pork bits for the bargain price of ¥90 (less than a dollar) a skewer. For your dining consideration:

1: Pig head (Don’t ask. And don’t exercise your imagination too vigorously either.)

2: Tongue

3: Cartilage (esophagus, to be precise)

4: Heart

5: Liver

6: Intestines

7: More and different intestines

8: Diaphragm

9: Stomach

10: More stomach

11: Stuff around the intestines that isn’t intestines

12: Large intestine

13: Uterus (okay, I can no longer stifle the inner screaming)

14: Rectum (inner screaming X2)

15: Pigs feet

On second thought, perhaps a nice hind haunch of tofu…

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