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June 02

Doggie Diner

Even pooches who haven’t perfected the essential Sad Begging Face can score doggie-licious snacks at the Dog Department café! No trying to choose which  knee might belong to the most sympathetic diner, no patient waiting for a gravity-assisted food mishap – all that lucky canines have to do is order off the menu! Choose from […]

April 08

Weirdest. Beauty. Treatment. Ever.

Wait, eww, what are those fish doing? They’re, uh, giving me a pedicure. What? A pedicure? Haha, yeah, right, they’re fluttering around beautifying your feet? With their little fishie nail files? They do it with their mouths. What?! They’re biting you? What are they, baby sharks? You stuck your feet in a pool of sharks? […]

March 20

More Heart-Stopping Thrills At The Cat Café

Yes, it would appear that all over the world, people are people, and cats are cats. I recently went to the Calico Cat Cafe in Shinjuku with two of my classmates and once again experienced the adrenaline rush of being ignored by dozens of cats as if they were my very own! I have to […]