Doggie Diner


Even pooches who haven’t perfected the essential Sad Begging Face can score doggie-licious snacks at the Dog Department café! No trying to choose which  knee might belong to the most sympathetic diner, no patient waiting for a gravity-assisted food mishap – all that lucky canines have to do is order off the menu!

Choose from the lo-cal “Waffle” snack (with corn and peas), the “Hot Dog” (tastefully cut on the diagonal and available in either beef or pork), the “Handmade Quiche,” (only 167.5 calories!), the “Dog Hamburger” (a bone-shaped amuse bouche), or the ever-popular “Hot Pancake” (decorated in the best maid café tradition with a smily face). And best of all, at the Dog Department café, faithful Fifis aren’t stuck tethered outside, peering longingly through the window as their overlords enjoy a mid-day repast! They’re more than welcome to come right inside.

Of course, portions do seem to be sized for the more petite breeds, so if you’re a Great Dane, you’d better keep working on your Pitiful Whimper and Soulful Gaze.

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