Bento Lunchboxes…For Dogs

Where’s m-i-i-i-ine?

You’ve been up since five, crafting the childrens’ Pikachu lunchboxes, but now the little darlings are blessedly off to school and it’s time to start worrying about your Shiba Inu Club meeting today. You just know all the other owners are going to dress their pooches in kimonos and bring along little tupperwares of homemade dog biscuits.

But this time you won’t be caught flat-footed, mistakenly thinking you’d gone rather beyond the call of duty by mixing an egg and last night’s leftover rice into Princess’s ground meat. No, today Princess is going to be the envy of all the other shibas, when you whip out…The Doggy Bento. From the pages of Shiba magazine, incredibly labor-intensive lunchboxing for the canine set!

Which shall it be? Ham and veggie-maki with cherry blossom garnish, dog bone omelet and tastefully cut snap peas?


Or three flavors of chicken balls (carrot, green tea and plain), on a bed of fried rice with a cute little seaweed paw print?

Princess will be one dead dog if she’s caught trading this for Twinkies.

Photos and recipe idea insanity from Shiba magazine.

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One thought on “Bento Lunchboxes…For Dogs

  1. I don’t care how much of a princess my dog is (and I have photos to prove that she is), a sprinkle of parmesan cheese on her kibbles is as elegant as she’s going to get. Of course, she’s not a shiba inu. My only dog bite was from a shiba, so perhaps there’s an element of threat involved here.

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