Unnatural Fruits Of Japan


I must have spent too much time in Japan, because the last time I passed my local Super Expensive Fruit Store (where they always ask if you’d like your purchase gift wrapped!), I actually found myself wishing I’d been invited somewhere that would require a gift of produce that’s as pricey as a good bottle of champagne. I badly wanted to appear on someone’s doorstep with this square watermelon!

Of course, at first I was suspicious that it was a scary new experiment in genome tampering, but it turns out they just grow them in molds! In fact, this dominatrix-like fruit training isn’t confined to watermelons! Check out the Deco Cucumber:

Lace that cuke into this veggie version of whalebone stays, and in about ten days, voila! Star shaped salad fixin’s!

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6 thoughts on “Unnatural Fruits Of Japan

    1. I never thought of it like that! You could be right. I sort of thought it might be one of the more extreme examples of cuteness in the lunchtime bento box wars, but the bending of fruits and veggies to one’s will IS a sort of bonsai…

    1. Oh, I badly want to see those! Was it cucumbers? Or other fruit/veggies? When I googled this subject to see if there were any examples I hadn’t seen in person, I found a guy in China who grows pears into the shape of baby Buddhas. Since it was China, it sadly didn’t belong on my Japan blog, but it was kind of amazing!

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