Dogs In Kimonos

Love that this pair even have the white fur wraps girls always wear with their kimonos in wintertime!

You can’t help but throw your head back and laugh in amazement when fifteen dogs parade by, dressed in Japanese formalwear. In honor of Hina Matsuri (the doll festival that happens every year at the beginning of March) the local Husky club turned up in Yoyogi Park yesterday all decked out in kimonos.

I’ve seen this club before, and one of the great regrets of my life is that I didn’t have a camera on Halloween, when they all wore superhero costumes, with capes.

Could all these dogs actually be girls?! I suspect there were crossdressers among them!
So many Huskies!
This young lady was wearing a coming-of-age model.

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4 thoughts on “Dogs In Kimonos

  1. Question for you, since this post is about dogs – we have a shiba inu and I heard they’re very common in Japan; much like labs are in the US. Have you found that shibas are popular there?

    1. Shiba inus are the most favorite and beloved dog here! ^_^ One of the things I love about living in Japan is that I see so many people walking their shibas. There are at least three monthly magazines devoted to them, but they don’t have many funny pictures I can use for my blog because shibas get more respect than other breeds. They don’t get dressed up in funny clothing much. (Oddly, I thought these Huskies looked beautiful and dignified in their kimonos. Usually I feel sorry for animals in costumes, but somehow they pulled it off!) In Tokyo, I’m surprised how many people have shibas, because most don’t live in places big enough to keep one. In smaller towns, and out in the country, they’re even more popular. (I love the posts about your shiba on your blog, and just want to say that Raiden is a truly inspired name!)

      1. I’m glad to hear people don’t dress up their shibas. I’m not a fan of dressing up your dog in general, but there’s a whole movement of shiba owners here in the US that are sternly against it. We’re a small culture haha. And thanks for the compliment on Raiden’s name – we love that little guy!

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